When you are looking for an accountant, it's important to know that the standard of work and knowledge is maintained and monitored. We have to keep those high standards and maintain constant training, to be a member firm of ICAEW. This means we can offer a professional service to the great majority of small businesses.

Rather than list all the different services we can offer, it makes more sense to meet and discuss what it is you need, or perhaps are not receiving at present.

There are some areas in which we have specialist knowledge, but if your trade is outside of our expertise, we will be honest and tell you.

HM Revenue & Customs can appear to be frightening and powerful. We will help to reassure you that all of your forms and submissions are up to date and let you know how much needs to be paid and when. Also, which expenses are allowable and the reliefs for which you qualify. We can help you to budget for those liabilities, to avoid surprises as the payment day approaches. 

It generally works better for our fees to be charged once a year, usually when the accounts and tax documents are discussed and agreed. We can prepare your quarterly VAT returns if you prefer, which may mean a quarterly invoice, but generally we quote for the year ahead which will cover all business discussions. We would rather you asked a question than worry about the issue, and whether an invoice will turn up as a result.