About us



I have worked in the accountancy profession for over 30 years, been qualified since 1986 and in practice with my own firm since 1994. In 2001, I took my own advice and incorporated.

Almost all my experience has been with owner-managed businesses and individual taxpayers. The specialisation with one-man-band companies started with a conversation in a pub, not far from the nearby Lotus factory. That single contractor – for whom we still act – set me on the path to the many other contractors that we now help.

My other speciality is the construction industry. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) co-opted me on to their Small Business tax committee, and I represent ICAEW in most discussions with HMRC in construction matters.

The issue of self-employment is a major topic of conversation in construction, and many of the principles involved also apply to IR35 – in other words, is this a genuine business? And how can you tell?

My years of experience brought me into discussions with HMRC on self-employment, and the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) on IR35.
My work does not involve dealing with enormous companies, I always deal with the owners of the business.  

You can be assured that this firm can give you the best advice.

I provide the administrative back-up to the practice, but rest assured that I will know what you mean if I speak to you; my business management qualification and being married to Howard for 25 years means I am familiar with most of the accountancy and HMRC jargon.

We also use freelancers for particularly busy times, but this work is reviewed to maintain high standards.